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How to Register in Outlook.com

www.outlook.com is the new email service from Microsoft and the service has been very well received by users, new and existing. The service can be used to send and receive emails. It can be used on any device using Windows 8 Operating System, the phones having Windows OS and even with Office 2013. Registering with the email service depends upon whether you are an existing Hotmail user or want a completely new email address on Outlook.com.

New Users to Outlook.com

Users that wish to have an email id on Outlook.com can get one easily by registering with the website. The process is simple and can be completed within minutes. The users would simply have to go to Outlook.com, which is the official website of the service. Here the users would be presented with the option to sign up with the website. You can click on the ‘Sign up’ button to begin your registration at Outlook.com

As a new user when you click ‘Sign Up’ at Outlook.com, you are taken to a page that has a form which must be completed. This form has details like the full name of the user, date of birth, username and password to be used with the service and other such details. Once the entire form is filled in with the mandatory fields, the user must enter the Captcha phrase to authenticate the registration.

Once the username entered is confirmed to be available, the email service informs of the signing up of the user with the service. A welcome email is sent to the user confirming the registration.

Upgrade from Hotmail

Users of Hotmail email service can simply upgrade to the Outlook.com and make use of the great features of the service to enhance their email sending and receiving experience. The process to upgrade from Hotmail to Outlook is fairly simple. You must simply go to the inbox of the Hotmail service and in the top right corner find ‘Options’. Click on this option and then on ‘Upgrade’. Instantly you would be taken to the new inbox of Outlook.com with all the settings of Hotmail inbox being intact.

All users of Xbox LIVE, Hotmail, SkyDrive and Windows Phone have the option to upgrade to the Outlook.com email service. This can be done by creating an alias for Outlook.com and then renaming the Hotmail account. These steps would skip the registration process as required for a new user and would simply form a new email address on Outlook.com.

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Outlook Email

Gmail and Yahoo mail now have a competitor to their email services and that is Outlook.com. A modern, free cloud email service that comes from the house of Microsoft, Outlook.com has a fresh look and appeal. The service has some very new and interesting features not found with other email service providers. Outlook.com allows you to connect to the popular social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook while also helping in keeping the personal data safe and secure.

Features of Outlook Email

There are several features that make Outlook email better than the competitors like Gmail and Yahoo. The first of these features is the clutter free inbox that has an intuitive design. The inbox handles spam effectively. It has automated tools that keep out the nagging daily deal messages and irrelevant newsletters from disturbing you while checking the inbox.

Updated Contacts

The best thing about Outlook email is that it keeps your list of contacts updated. It automatically updates the address book with all the contacts at Facebook, Twitter and other websites.

Office and SkyDrive

The Outlook email service provides free Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These web apps are built in with Outlook and along with this, users get 7 GB free cloud storage, which allows the users to share videos, photos and other files without having to worry about large attachments.

Comparison of Outlook Email with Gmail and Hotmail

The Outlook email service can be compared with the most popular email service, the Gmail and with the Hotmail service for those that choose to upgrade.

Security and Privacy: Outlook email provides similar security and privacy as it keeps the spam percent to less than 3% which is also the case with Gmail and Hotmail. It also turns on SSL by default which is present in Gmail but not in Hotmail.

Inbox: Outlook email service provides a newly designed inbox that has several features that help in using the service easily. The storage space provided is virtually unlimited which is not the case with Gmail. It allows the users to share, view and edit documents created on Office by using the Office web apps. This again is not possible with Gmail. It is also not possible to send photo slide shows from the Gmail inbox while this can be done through Outlook and Hotmail.

Organizational Tools: Outlook email provides certain organizational tools like creating aliases, organizing the inbox, auto categorizing the newsletters, flagging important messages, creating time-based rules and searching. While some features are available in Gmail, others are not, making Outlook email a better option.

Connect: While Outlook email lets the users connect with others on social media platforms, Gmail does not allows this.

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Outlook Sign Up

For email users that have gone tired of using the same old email services of other providers, here is a chance to try out something new. Microsoft has introduced Outlook.com as the new email service that is touted to be the best email service of the future as it is cloud based enabling clients to stay connected on the move. Successor to Hotmail.com, the founder company of webmail services, Outlook is introduced with new and improved features that enhance the email access experience of the users. Cloud services have been incorporated into the service along with the ability to video call through Skype.

As more and more people are choosing smartphones and tablets that enable them to access emails even when away from computers and laptops, it becomes imminent to have email service providers that are mobile enabled. Outlook.com provides this ability as it is cloud based enabling users to access to emails and internet all the time. The interface of the service is clutter free and the inbox is intuitively designed for a fresh look with no ads on display.

For an Outlook Sign up, you need to follow the given steps:

Step 1

You will have to log in to Outlook.com, the official website of the service. The page is neat and clearly displays the ‘Sign Up now’ button.

Step 2

Creating a new account with Outlook means that you will have to give some of the important personal details. Once you click on ‘Sign up no’, you are directed to a web form that must be duly filled. Certain information such as the full name of the user, the date of birth and the country has to be given. Other important details like the preferred username and password also must be given in the form. Before finalizing the given username, the service checks for the availability of the username as it might have been taken up by another user.

Step 3

You need to fill in a Captcha code at the end of the form to validate your form and authenticate your registration. The service checks whether the required mandatory fields are filled in or not. The Captcha code is an essential piece of security as it keeps the spammers and robots away.

Step 4

Once all entries are found to be filled in correctly, Outlook provides the new account which might look like username@outlook.com Users that are already using Hotmail, SkyDrive, Xbox Live and Windows phone can upgrade their email accounts to Outlook.com by simply clicking on the “Upgrade” option given in their respective mail service.

Outlook Inbox

Outlook 2013 that comes along with the Microsoft Office is an email service from Microsoft. The service has been spruced with newly introduced features and new intuitive design. The new features and the new look of the Outlook inbox allows you to perform various tasks easily enabling you to keep things organized.

Useful features of Outlook Inbox

The newly designed Outlook inbox is very pleasing to the eyes while also being quite functional. The email service has adopted a more minimalist approach. The looks and functions of Outlook email are more or similar to the other popular email services such as Gmail and Yahoo. However, those that wish to stay with the earlier settings of Outlook email can opt to do so.

Outlook inbox is built with some useful tools that help in managing it. You can now delete the unwanted messages more quickly than before. The flag icon on the inbox now has a neighbor ‘X’ that can be used to sort emails. Another important feature that is very useful while reading emails is that of tweaking the inbox to show up to three lines of the text. This is definitely an improvement from the earlier versions of Outlook where only a few words from the email text were displayed. This ability to tweak the inbox is highly useful for users that receive hundreds of messages daily as this allows them to scan the messages quickly and filter the important ones from the irrelevant ones without opening each of the emails.

Often people tend to forget to attach files that are to be sent along with the email. Outlook 2013 very smartly displays messages or warnings in this regard. If there is a mention of an attachment in the body of the email without any actual attachment, the email service issues warnings regarding this.

Another very important and useful feature introduced to the Outlook inbox is the ability to switch between the mail window and four tools that are often used. It is seen that while you are in the mail window, the email services do not allow you to perform any other task. However, Outlook 2013 does away with this problem by not only allowing you to check each of the specific tools that are Mail, People, Calendar and Tasks but also show a preview of any upcoming meetings, important tasks or messages on the social networking platforms.

Therefore, the Outlook inbox has not only become smarter but is highly functional as well. You can tweak it as per your convenience to keep things organized.

Outlook Sign In

The new email service from Microsoft, Outlook.com has taken the internet users by storm. The service provides an intuitively designed service that offers maximum functionality with minimum efforts.

Users can now access their email accounts via a web browser through the Outlook Web App. It is the latest email service as it is cloud based which means that you can now connect with your loved ones as well as with your business associates while on the go. Whenever you wish to check you emails, you need to sign in to the email service. To check emails with the Outlook web app, you need to sign in with the relevant web address or URL.

Signing in with Outlook means that you already have an account with the service. However, there are a few basic steps that need to be followed for an Outlook Sign in. these steps are mentioned as follows: First step: Opening the web browser is the first step. If the web browser is already open, a new window can be opened. Second step: the second step is to enter the web address that is relevant to your account, the details of which are given here: Microsoft Office 365: if you have this account, you need to go to the Office 365 sign-in page from where you can click on Outlook, the button for which is located on the top right corner of the page.

 Microsoft Live@edu: you can sign in to this account by opening www.outlook.com Corporate email account: signing in to a corporate email account can be done by providing the URL that has been assigned by the person managing the email accounts. For a person working in a company named PQR, the web address to access the email account would be http://mail.pqr.com Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite: email accounts belonging to this group may be accessed by going to the URL of the Outlook Web App where the option to select the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Services, is given.

Therefore, based on the type of account used by individuals, the particular email accounts can now be accessed by following the given steps for Outlook sign in: First step: the first step is to correctly give the complete email address of the Microsoft account. Second step: the second step is to enter the password. Third step: the email service authenticates the username and password entered. If they are found to be correct, the user is prompted to sign in to Outlook by clicking on ‘Sign in’ button.