jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Outlook Sign In

The new email service from Microsoft, Outlook.com has taken the internet users by storm. The service provides an intuitively designed service that offers maximum functionality with minimum efforts.

Users can now access their email accounts via a web browser through the Outlook Web App. It is the latest email service as it is cloud based which means that you can now connect with your loved ones as well as with your business associates while on the go. Whenever you wish to check you emails, you need to sign in to the email service. To check emails with the Outlook web app, you need to sign in with the relevant web address or URL.

Signing in with Outlook means that you already have an account with the service. However, there are a few basic steps that need to be followed for an Outlook Sign in. these steps are mentioned as follows: First step: Opening the web browser is the first step. If the web browser is already open, a new window can be opened. Second step: the second step is to enter the web address that is relevant to your account, the details of which are given here: Microsoft Office 365: if you have this account, you need to go to the Office 365 sign-in page from where you can click on Outlook, the button for which is located on the top right corner of the page.

 Microsoft Live@edu: you can sign in to this account by opening www.outlook.com Corporate email account: signing in to a corporate email account can be done by providing the URL that has been assigned by the person managing the email accounts. For a person working in a company named PQR, the web address to access the email account would be http://mail.pqr.com Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite: email accounts belonging to this group may be accessed by going to the URL of the Outlook Web App where the option to select the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Services, is given.

Therefore, based on the type of account used by individuals, the particular email accounts can now be accessed by following the given steps for Outlook sign in: First step: the first step is to correctly give the complete email address of the Microsoft account. Second step: the second step is to enter the password. Third step: the email service authenticates the username and password entered. If they are found to be correct, the user is prompted to sign in to Outlook by clicking on ‘Sign in’ button.

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